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Edinburgh University Gliding Club

EUGC Constitution

  1. Name

    The name of The Club shall be the "Edinburgh University Gliding Club"
  2. Object

    The object of The Club shall be to encourage the sport of gliding. This shall include:
    1. Subsidy of the cost of gliding, to its members, to the full extent of its capabilities.
    2. Operation of its own gliders whenever possible.
    3. Encouragement to its members to gain gliding certificates.
    4. Participation in such gliding competitions as are open to its entry.
  3. Membership

    Qualification for membership shall be membership of the Edinburgh University Sports Union (E.U.S.U.). All members must sign the indemnity on the application form before being allowed to fly. Those members under 18 years of age must also have the indemnity signed by a parent or guardian.
    Members shall maintain in a suitable log book, records of all their flights.
  4. Relationship with E.U.S.U.

    The Club shall form a club under the jurisdiction of E.U.S.U.. The Club shall send a representative to each meeting of the General Committee of E.U.S.A. and may nominate candidates for its officers and its Executive Committee.
  5. Club Officials

    The Club may appoint at its A.G.M. an Honorary President and up to five Honorary Vice-Presidents. The officials of The Club to be elected at its A.G.M. shall be:
    • President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Membership Secretary
    • Equipment Officer
    • Up to 2 Assistant Secretaries
    • Publicity Officer
  6. Management

    The affairs of The Club shall be managed by a committee consisted of the officers duly elected at its A.G.M.
    The Committee shall have the power to fill vacancies as they arise, to co-opt to its number, and to appoint such sub-committees as it deem advisable and may delegate such powers as it may think fit. Such sub-committees may include persons who are not members of The Committee, but the Chairmen of each sub-committee shall be a member of The Committee.
    The Committee shall, from time to time, and taking into consideration regulations about alteration of this constitution (see 14), make and enforce such regulations as it considers necessary for the well being of The Club.
    The Committee shall also possess the right to suspend from membership of The Club any member who, in its opinion, has deliberately contravened the rules and regulations then in force.
  7. Duties of Officers

    1. The President, or a nominee of The President, shall take the chair at all general meetings of The Club and of The Committee. In the absence of The President, the chair shall be taken by the choice of those present.
    2. The Secretary shall keep the minutes and other records of The Club.
    3. The Club Treasurer shall keep the accounts of The Club in a proper form and shall attempt to such claim for reimbursement from the E.U.S.U. funds that The Club may have.
    4. The Membership Secretary shall keep an accurate membership list and shall ensure that indemnity forms are supplied to The Club by each member (see 3). The Membership Secretary shall be responsible for such matters as arrangements of meetings and competitions, travel arrangements, safety rules, etc. The Membership Secretary should also liaise with the P.R.O. to the E.U.S.U. and ensure that proper information on The Club's activities is given to the press, and shall organise social functions of The Club and ensure that The Club supports any social functions of the E.U.S.U. In conjunction with The Club Treasurer, proper budgets of all social functions for The Club shall be drawn up and approved by the E.U.S.U. General Committee prior to their being held.
    5. The Equipment Officer shall be responsible for storage of equipment, organising Certificates of Airworthiness for The Club aircraft, and organising the maintenance and ensuring the safety of Club equipment.
    6. The Assistant Secretaries who may be called by such other titles as The Committee finds convenient, shall from time to time assist the other committee members in organisation of social events, travel arrangements, storage of equipments, compilation of newsletters etc.
    7. The Publicity Officer will be in charge of advertising The Club, and also helping to find sponsorship for The Club.
    All officers shall undertake such other duties as shall from time to time be necessary.
  8. Auditor

    The auditor to The Club shall be the Treasurer to E.U.S.U.
  9. Financial Year

    The financial year of The Club shall end on the 31st July in each year.
  10. Subscriptions/Funds

    1. The Club may change such subscriptions as The Committee sees fit, and from time to time but as approved by the E.U.S.U., raise funds for its own use in such other ways as it sees fit. Funds raised in these ways shall be under control of The Club and not the E.U.S.U., but proper accounts shall be kept by The Club Treasurer. Should The Club terminate for any reason, its funds shall fall to the general account of E.U.S.U..
    2. The Club may open a bank account in its name subject to its having subject to its having first obtained the approval of the General Committee of E.U.S.U..
    3. Any member of The Club shall not by reason of membership be under any financial liability other than the payment of annual subscription, and any other standard payments such as flying fees.
  11. Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.)

    1. The A.G.M. of The Club shall be held during the month of May in each year.
    2. Special meetings of The Club may be called by any of its officers or by any five of its members.
    3. Notice of General or Special meetings shall be given at least seven days before the date of the proposed meetings by means of notices on the boards customarily used by The Club together with intimation to the General Committee of E.U.S.A.
    4. A quorum for a General or Special meeting shall be thirty per cent of the membership matriculated at that time.
  12. Committee Meetings

    1. The Committee shall meet at least once per term and as often as it seems appropriate. A meeting of The Committee may be called by any officer. A quorum for a meeting of The Committee shall be three.
    2. The business of The Committee shall be to consider such matters as it considers appropriate including, planning of meetings and flying lists, recruitment and the like.
    3. The annual estimates shall be prepared by any two officers of The Club but shall be examined by The Committee prior to forwarding to the Treasurer to E.U.S.U. for the appropriate further consideration. Such items of expenditure in these estimates as receive approval by the Finance Committee of E.U.S.U. shall be administered by the Treasurer to E.U.S.U. out of the income of the E.U.S.U. whether derived by grant, investment income, levy on the Clubs or other means.
  13. Blues and Half Blues Awards

    See separate Blues and Half Blues Constitution.
  14. Colours Awards

    Colours exist to reward those members of The Club who have been excellent Club servants. Colours are not awarded for sporting excellence and are only usually awarded to those in their 3rd or 4th year. The criterion for awarding colours are long playing service and Club involvement, services over many years in Club organisation, coaching and encouraging new members.
    Successful candidates tend to exceed the requirements of their Committee positions.
    Nominations are considered during the first and second term meetings only. Colours certificates will be presented at the Blues and Colours Ceremony in May.
    As with blues, The Committee should decide whether to nominate members for Colours.
  15. Alteration of Constitution

    This Constitution may be altered by a two-thirds majority of those present at any General or Special meeting of The Club but subject to ratification by the General Committee of E.U.S.U. and the next A.G.M. of E.U.S.U.
  16. Interpretation

    In the case of a conflict of interpretation between the provisions of this Constitution and that of E.U.S.U. or its Bye-laws, the provisions of the E.U.S.U Constitution or Bye-laws shall prevail.