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Edinburgh University Gliding Club

Comps & Trips


Easter Week

Arguably not a trip, as it's based at Portmoak, however Easter Week is a chance to hang out with pilots from across the UK including other University pilots who come up especially to experience our excellent flying conditions. There will be flying, there will be fun, there will be a BBQ and yes, there will be banter.

Competitions 2017-18

Inter University Gliding Competition 2017

EUGC has attended the IUGC for as long as we can remember... and we've won it a few times too! This competition is really great for your first competition experience. It's laid back, focussed on having fun and gives you a chance to extend your skills no matter where you are in your training. There are points for learning the very basics of gliding (like turning left and right) all the way up to getting your Gold badge! It's a competition for everyone and we'd strongly encourage you all to come along.

The Junior Nationals

Many of our pilots progress onto flying in the Juniors. It's open to pilots aged below 25 and gets a lot of funding from the BGA so tends to be a good value comp to enter! If you haven't got the skills to fly this comp solo yet, you can apply to be part of the Two-Seater Training group who'll give you invaluable cross country flying experience.

Facebook events

We'll announce our trips and other socials via our Facebook page.