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Posted by Jack Bradford on 2022-11-07

Welcome Week 2022

Look out for us during Welcome Week or sign up at

Posted by Jack Bradford on 2022-09-11

March 2022 - EUGC Launches on Instagram

Head over to and check out our latest pics

Posted by Jack Bradford on 2022-03-16

Sports Fair 2019

Freshers Week 2019

On behalf of EUGC, we'd like to welcome everyone that wants to join the club this year!

We'll be having an information evening next Wednesday - more details to follow, however there are spaces to fly this weekend. Weather permitting, we aim to be flying on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you'd like to fly, you need to purchase your membership and fill in our sign up sheet, then we'll be in touch.

Sign Up Sheet:

Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions and we can send some more details.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Posted by Andrew Barr on 2019-09-12

Inter-Unis and Welcome Week 2018

EUGC is off to a great start for the 2018/19 Academic year: having won the Progression and Cross Country Categories. Congratulations to all members who took part! We also had a successful Welcome Week with our stall on display at the Sports and Fitness Fair and 8 new members coming for their trial flights at the weekend.

Posted by Ben Attwood on 2018-09-20

Freshers Week Plans

We'd like to welcome all the freshers to Edinburgh this year. If you are interested in coming and seeing what we are about, here is what we will be up to over the next week.

13th September

- Freshers Fair 11:00-16:00, Pleasance Gym
- Flying Sign Up and Pub Social 19:00, Location TBC

14th September:

- Freshers Fair 11:00-16:00, Pleasance Gym
- Flying! Come and have your first flight in a glider. Come to our Flying sign up on Wednesday or email to find out.

15th September:

- Flying! Come and have your first flight in a glider. Come to our Flying sign up on Wednesday or email to find out.

16th September:

- Flying! Come and have your first flight in a glider. Come to our Flying sign up on Wednesday or email to find out.

17th September:

- Flying! Come and have your first flight in a glider. Come to our Flying sign up on Wednesday or email to find out.

Posted by Andrew Barr on 2017-09-10

Junior Nationals 2017

Congratulations to James Dutton, our former president and club member, who came 31st in the Junior Nationals gliding competition at Nympsfield. He used our single seater, Errol.

Posted by Andrew Barr on 2017-08-28

Wind-farm from Wave

Easter Week Success

Wow! What a week! Easter week this year was packed full of incredible flights. We had many cross country flights, wave and overall a great time. James and Andrew completed their 50km flights for their silver badges and Rat managed to fly 300km in Gobble. They went as high as 12000 feet! See the all of the pictures on our Facebook page.

Posted by Andrew Barr on 2017-04-17


EUGC had its 2017 AGM last week and it was very successful! There will be an email around shortly with the new committee and plans for the summer. See you in the skies!

Posted by Andrew Barr on 2017-03-31

Brocken Spectre

Winter Flying

Tis the time of year again for cold winter flights with epic views. Fingers crossed for good weather and not too much rain but we are still flying most weekends so if you would like to come then give us a shout! See you in the skies!

Posted by Andrew Barr on 2016-11-18

Freshers Week

Freshers week is finally here and we would like to welcome all of the new members to the club. If you would like to find out more and go flying then come and meet us at the freshers fair on Wednesday and Thursday. We will also be doing a talk on Thursday night where you will be able to sign up for flying on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Hope to see you there!

Posted by Andrew Barr on 2016-09-11

Dodging Showers

Summer is almost here!

The wintery darkness is coming to an end and there have been some great flights recently. We are all looking forward to many more of these as soon as these exams are out of the way. Keep your ears open for upcoming trips and weekends.

Posted by Andrew Barr on 2016-03-27

Getting gliders out

Spring time is here!

The big wet is finally over, and so is Gobble's annual! As the weather gets warmer we are all looking forward to making the most out of our pre-exam time.

Posted by Max Sherwood on 2016-03-23

Frosty Bishop

Winter Soaring Season

As the temperature drops, we soar! First semester is almost over but EUGC flying definitely isn't. We will continue to fly over the winter season as long as it stays dry.

Posted by Max Sherwood on 2015-11-22

Trial Flight Group

Who's ready to learn to fly?

We had some great trial flight weekends this semester, and while new members can join at any time, our attention is now shifting toward the real business of the club: teaching people how to fly.

Over the next few weeks we hope to see familiar faces return to the airfield with enthusiasm to progress their flying.

In the mean time, our secretary Max and our treasurer Eddie are inches away from going solo - it could be any day now that they leave their instructors behind and take to the skies!

For the most recent news and photos visit our facebook page at:

Posted by Max Sherwood on 2015-10-13

Cross country shield

Cross country victory!

Congratulations to Andy, James and Bruce whose combined efforts led to our cross country victory!

As the most frequent winners of the shield over the past decade we now get to keep the shield forever.

Thanks goes to Adam and the k6 syndicate for kindly allowing us to borrow Woodstock, without their generous offer we wouldn't have been able to compete for top spots this year.

Posted by Sarah Smith on 2015-08-23

Sunset over Bicester

Inter University Task Week 2015

We're now half way through the week and the competition is going well. Gobble and Woodstock are steadily flying their way around Oxfordshire, taking in the sights and gaining lots of points!

So far we've only had one land out, a 50k ending with an aerotow retrieve from Sywell. We've attempted a few longer tasks but the weather hasn't always played fair... Despite the usual challenges the weather can provide Andy and James managed to get a good 150k and we're hopeful conditions will improve towards the end of the week.

Posted by Sarah Smith on 2015-08-19

Introduction & Sign-up Talk

On Wednesday evening we start our talks with an introductory meeting to tell you lots about what the club does and how fantastic gliding is! We will also be signing people up to the club if you bring your £45 membership fee.

Wednesday 18th September, 20:00 - 21:00

Lecture Theatre 270, Old College

If you don't know where that is, don't worry - we'll be there to guide you from Old College's entrance.

After the talk we will head to Teviot for a more pub-like setting to get to know everyone. Even if you can't make it to the talk, feel free come along and meet us there.

See you then!

Posted by Steven Eardley on 2013-09-15

EUGC Victory at IUGC 2013!

So to anyone who hasn't already heard, EUGC are the new University Champions of Gliding in the UK!

We managed to bag all three trophies (Progression, Soaring, and Cross Country) which is a first for a long time, if not ever, so congratulations and thank you to the hard work of all our competing pilots, instructors, crew and other helpers!

This year our fleet consisted of Gobble (our two seater, K21), The DG (A borrowed two seater, DG 505), Snoopy (our single seater, K8) and Demon (Bruce, Andy and Gareth's single seater, Mosquito). Quite a fleet for an even bigger team!

Arguably mixing quality and quantity, we decided to take 4 instructors, 1 solo pilot, 5 pre-solo pilots, a first timer, some crew and a dog. Truly an epic team! Lots of flying, 100's of km's and 1000's feet later, Seb and Johnny went solo, and Seb even won the progression award, so an extra special well done there guys.

What a great way to start a new year of Gliding for EUGC. Here's to Fresher's Week and to meeting some new future pilots!

Posted by Sarah Smith on 2013-09-10

Summer of fun!

EUGC is flying all summer long. The good weather is here and we are making the most of it. Please contact us to arrange a trial lesson for you or for a group (discounts available!). Bring your flatmates, classmates, officemates, supervisor, external examiner!

We're also hosting and competing in the Inter-University Gliding Competition this year. We need everyone to join in, from experienced pundits to those who haven't even had their first flight! It will be great fun, so go to the website and get yourselves signed up. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Posted by Bruce Duncan on 2013-07-04

EUGC and Walking on Air present: "Escape From Colditz"

7pm, 29th March 2013, Appleton Tower Lecture Theatre 4

Edinburgh University Gliding Club and Walking on Air would like to invite you to join us for a screening of the Channel 4 documentary, "Escape from Colditz". The documentary realises the daring "Colditz Cock" escape plot in which British prisoners of war held in Colditz Castle constructed a two man glider from scavenged materials, aiming to launch from the castle roof and glide to freedom under the cover of darkness. The war ended and the prisoners were liberated before the glider was fully completed, but the story has lived on as an example of the ingenuity and spirit of prisoners of war in WWII.
The screening will be followed by a talk and Q&A session with Tony Hoskins, who was closely involved in the project, and constructed the replica glider used in the documentary.

Tickets cost £10 (£5 for students and concessions) and are available in person at JCMB level 3 foyer (next to the Magnet cafe) or in the Appleton Tower foyer between 1:30pm and 2pm on Wednesdays and Fridays from the 22nd March until the day of the event. Alternatively, tickets can be reserved by emailing

All profits to charity

Posted by Adam Watson on 2013-03-25

EUGC soaring in the wave

Posted by Bruce Duncan on 2012-10-16

Wednesday Talks and Wave!

Our weekly talks will be running throughout semester one on Wednesdays, at 8pm, in David Hume Tower Rm 13.07. Stay tuned to our mailing list or FB page for more details. In other news, we had our first wave day of the semester on Saturday! Three new members, and a few old ones, enjoyed the view from 12,000ft. Fingers crossed for more of the same in the coming months!

Posted by Adam Watson on 2012-10-01

Inter Unis Success for EUGC

Great news everyone! Last week at the Inter University Gliding Competition, EUGC won the Cross-country competition and the Soaring Cup. We also came a close 2nd in the progression competition. In addition to an excellent team performance, several of our pilots also placed highly in the individual competitions. A special mention should also go to Martin Ruefenacht, who went solo on on Friday!

Solo Rooster!

Posted by Adam Watson on 2012-08-13


Well, the end of exams is nearly upon us, signalling the start of uni summer! We’ll be planning quite a few trips to exciting airfields, as well as our regular flying at Portmoak to enjoy the excellent weather conditions and long days that summer brings. Even if you’ve not had your trial flight yet, you can still join us in time for some excellent flying and expeditions. Stay tuned to the mailing list for more info about our upcoming activities.

Posted by Adam Watson on 2012-05-19

Bonfire at Sutton Bank

Summer's Here!

Yes folks, Scotland's summer has arrived, replete with snow and biting winds... Luckily we're getting all of the bad weather out of the way in time for Easter Week! On the 7th of April, several other uni gliding clubs will be descending (and ascending) on Portmoak for a week. If the weather's nice we'll have trips going out to the airfield most days. It's an excellent time to learn to fly and meet some of our comrades from the South. Expect lots of flying and the odd party. We plan to round off the week on Friday 13th with a ceremonial pyre for a sadly unairworthy glider accompanied by a barbeque and some beers. Hope to see you there!
For more info on our grand summer plans, have a look at Competitions

Posted by Adam Watson on 2012-04-03

EUGC winter events

The days are getting shorter and I'm sure we all look forward to the 21st when the days begin to lengthen again. The airfield is still basically serviceable and we're making every effort to keep flying in the stunning conditions even when ground handling is hard work. We are concentrating more on training now, but we still have spaces for trial flights. If you're interested then you should email us.

Our Wednesday talks have finished for the semester but we're still holding events. Last week we humiliated ourselves with moustaches (real and fake!) and next week we'll host the annual Xmas dinner at Adam's flat. Details on the facebook event page, or contact us if you want to come along.

Posted by Bruce Duncan on 2011-12-05

Bruce's Tash Bash

This Wednesday at 6pm we'll be heading to Bruce's place to celebrate (or commiserate) the end of Movember by having a delicious traditional meal of bangers and mash!

It'll be the last day to get a look at his lovely lip warmer, and to sponsor his plight, before it is shaved away and sent to moustache heaven...

Afterwards, we'll be headed to Drouthy Neebors at 8.30pm. If you can't find us try Bruce on 07811 021 553.

Let me know on if you want to come so we can be sure to get in enough food, we'll have a veggie option available for all those vegasauruses out there so fear not.

Hope to see you there for a night of fine banter.


If you haven't had a chance to sponsor him yet you have but a few sweet days left!

Posted by Sarah Smith on 2011-11-28

EUGC Flickr Pool

Hello Folks, we've just set up a Flickr pool for EUGC photos. You have to be a Flickr member to join the pool, but setting up a Flickr account is free and easy so get onto it! I'm looking forward to seeing lots of photos on it so don't let me down! Sarah

Posted by Sarah Smith on 2011-11-21

Wednesday Talk: Stalling and Spinning

Tomorrow night at 8pm come to Appleton Tower room 2.04 (not 2.14!) and allow Stu to entertain and enlighten us all about an important and often misunderstood topic: Stalling and Spinning. You'll be learning about why it's important to keep your airspeed, what the rudder is really for and how to recognise the correct response when the world is rotating around you. We'll also show you the fun we have in unusual attitudes and what manoeuvres you can enjoy in EUGC aircraft.

Afterwards we'll probably head on over to Teviot, so if you can't make
it to the talk we'll see you there.

If you get lost call Bruce on 07811021553.

Posted by Sarah Smith on 2011-11-15

Wednesday Talk

At 8pm this Wednesday come on down to Appleton Tower room 2.14 and allow Bruce and I to take you on an epic journey across the skies...

You'll be working in teams to put your growing knowledge of weather, circuits, airmanship, principles of flight and flying skills to use. As you navigate your way across uncertain skies to complete your very first competition task, how will you cope with changing weather conditions in unfamiliar terrain?

This is a great opportunity for you to bring together all your skills so far and to find out what we get up to at summer competitions and on flying trips.

Come along even if you've missed some (or even all!) of the other talks. This will be a good chance for you to find out what we've been up to over the passed few weeks and especially how the weekend trip to Feshie went!

We'll probably head to Teviot at about 9pm, so if you can't make the talk we'll see you there. Whoever lands out can buy in the first round of drinks!

If you can't find us, call me on 07971945334.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday for an epic cross-country flying day!

Posted by Sarah Smith on 2011-11-08

Happy Adam 1!

Spot the Difference!

Say hello to our ecstatic president, Adam Watson! In this photo he's busy competing at the Two Seater Competition in Pocklington, keeping a good lookout and having an amazing flight! But how is your lookout?

Follow the link to take a look at two photos of Adam during the competition and if you can spot all 10 differences you could win a delicious prize...

Posted by Colin Field on 2011-09-16

Freshers' Week

You've always requested the window seat; you've dreamt about being a pilot; or you're just curious to try it. Isn't it time you learned how to fly? Edinburgh University Gliding Club is meeting twice daily during Freshers' Week at 9am and 1pm outside Pollock Halls Reception to get you airborne. Trial Lessons cost just £40 and include club membership for a year, your first flight and your transport to the airfield. Join us and see the world from a new perspective.

More details on what to expect from your trial lesson.

Posted by Gareth Francis on 2011-09-09


Well done to everyone who has been helping to represent Edinburgh University in competitions over the summer. The Inter-uni team achieved a decisive victory in the cross-country competition and a joint Edinburgh/Bath team flew GBB to an impressive seventh place in the two-seater competition at Pocklington.

Posted by Gareth Francis on 2011-08-30

IUTW 2011

For those who don't know, the Inter University Task Week (IUTW) is an annual competition between the UK's university gliding clubs. This year it is being held at Aston Down airfield, near Stroud (the South West) and hosted by Bath University Gliding Club. You can find out more information at the website: IUTW 2011

The week is a great opportunity to progress your flying, whatever stage you are at. During my first IUTW in 2009 I went from having 8 or 9 flights to nearly solo! There will also be plenty of opportunities to experience cross country flying in 2 seat gliders.

Please get in touch if you are interested in coming along.

Posted by Adam Watson on 2011-07-27

Double gold

Congratulations go to Martin Ling and Kate Byrne for some laudable flying — with both flights within a few days of eachother. Martin took Snoopy to Gold height by climbing 13,140' to a maximum height of 14,687' (and coming down again in under an hour) in the wave of the Helm wind. Certainly worth the trip to skelling!

Kate on the other hand has completed her gold distance from Hus Bos, via Lichfield, Cambridge, and Stony Stratford in under six hours, earning a very creditable 1836 points for EUGC in the ladder. Gareth Francis and Martin have also logged flights worth 314 and 268 points respectively. Well done everyone!

Posted by Stuart Murray on 2011-05-06

Top Gun

Flying again!

Finally the weather was good at the weekend, and loads of people had some great flights, with some people turning up boths days to make the best of it. It was even quite warm under the canopy! Sunday was nice and windy and most people enjoyed a good spell soaring Benarty - there were even some thermals.

Posted by Stuart Murray on 2011-03-02

Cloudy day at Moak

Cloudy with a chance of wave

Well once again the weekend weather decided to do exactly the opposite to what was forecast, which was unlucky for those hoping for a trial flight on Sunday (sorry, we'll get round to you soon), but fortunate for the people who decided to brave the soggy field on Saturday. With the only showers being at lunchtime, everyone got a good flight (in sometimes rough conditions!) with some lucky souls getting into a little bit of wave. A great day to dodge the rain and the clouds!

Posted by Stuart Murray on 2011-02-06

Loch Leven from Snoopy

First flying weekend of the year

This weekend saw us make our first trip to Portmoak after the winter weather finally let up for long enough to fit in some launches. Several intrepid members braved the near-zero temperatures (witnessed by a semi-frozen Loch Leven) with wind chill, and in all seven members had flights, most of which were in GBB. Let's hope there's some more good weather in store, particularly for our strong cohort of pre-solo pilots.

Posted by Stuart Murray on 2011-01-30


Happy New Year!

Welcome back everyone. With hopeful signs of flying resuming after the bad weather, we'll be beginning the term's series of talks this Wednesday at 8pm, venue to be confirmed. Andy will give us a talk on circuit planning, and also some details of our proposed Easter trip to Edensoaring at Skelling. Keep an eye out for confirmation of where we'll be meeting.

Posted by Stuart Murray on 2011-01-17

Spinning 5GC

Wednesday talk: stalling and spinning

This week at 8pm in LT175 in Old College, Steve Wrigley will be talking about stalling and spinning. Afterwards we'll go to the Bow Bar on West Bow.

Posted by Stuart Murray on 2010-11-02

This Wednesday: Landing

This Wednesday at* 8pm in LT175 Old College*, Kate will be giving a talk
on landing. This is an excellent talk to attend even if you have only
done your trial flight (or even not flown with us at all) as it's
something you will probably try doing in the very near future. The talk
will followed by details of our planned gliding club *trip to Feshiebridge
*in the Highlands. This will be during the last weekend in October which
isn't too far away. We'll be providing some details on cost and the likely
format of the weekend, and so come along if you'd like to express interest
in going. Afterwards we'll be heading to Greyfriars Bobby bar on
Candlemaker Row (since we haven't been there for a while).

See you there,

Posted by Stuart Murray on 2010-10-12

Sunlit rape field and wall of rain

This Week: Weather I

On Wendesday (the 6th) our talk will be an introduction to weather given by Andy, and will include some basic meteorology together simple ways to work out whether a weekend will have good flying days in store. As usual we're in LT175 in Old College at 8pm, followed by drinks in the pub.

Posted by Stuart Murray on 2010-10-01

Tonight's talk: principles of flight

Tonight's talk will be a brief and non-technical introduction to how things fly and methods of controlling them. As usual this will be at 8pm in LT175, Old College. Afterwards we will be heading to the pub for plenty of gliding (and non-gliding) chat.

See you there.

Posted by Stuart Murray on 2010-09-29

This Wednesday: Introduction to Gliding

This Wednesday at 8pm in lecture theatre 175, Old College we'll be holding our first talk of the year. Whether you have flown with us in fresher's week and are keen to fly again, or if you're new to the club and would like to know more then come along to find out all about gliding and EUGC.

Posted by Adam Watson on 2010-09-20


Freshers' Week Trial Flights

Welcome to Edinburgh University Gliding Club! We will be running trial flights for any interested students (not just freshers) from Monday 13th to Sunday 19th of September. Simply turn up in front of Pollock Halls reception area (near the taxi rank) at either 9am or 12pm any day, and you will be taken to the airfield to have a flight with an instructor in a glider and even take control yourself. Price £40 (includes travel); flights are weather permitting. Have a look at the trial flights page for more information.

Posted by Stuart Murray on 2010-09-13

Freshers' Week 2010

The rota is now available on the Freshers' Week page.

Posted by Stuart Murray on 2010-09-09

Task Week

Registration is currently open if you plan to attend IUTW. Simply go to and sign up. Don't forget to tell me if you haven't already that you're coming!

Posted by Stuart Murray on 2010-07-10

Committee meeting and pub

Tonight we will be meeting in The Earl of Marchmont, which is of course, in Marchmont. At 7.30pm there will be a committee meeting, followed by drinks as usual starting somewhere between 8.30pm and 9.00pm. See you there!

Posted by Stuart Murray on 2010-05-05

red cross

First Aid Evening

The First Aid Society will be delivering an awareness session for us at 8pm, Wednesday the 28th of April. We could all benefit from having first aid skills — you never know when you might need them while gliding — so it would be great to have a good turn out for this event.
Venue: LT 175, Old College

Posted by Stuart Murray on 2010-04-12


The cost of winch launching at Portmoak has now increased to £7.70 per launch, as a result we have had to alter our charges accordingly. The following price increases will be implemented with immediate effect.

Winch launching - (£7.70)
Cable breaks - (5.70)
Trial flight (student) - £40)
Trial flight (non-student) - (£50)
Bundle (5launches/100minutes) (£40)
Bundle (20launches/200minutes) (£140)

Posted by Ewan McNeil on 2010-04-04

Pub tonight: Waverley

We'll be at Waverley tonight as usual, from 8pm. We hope to see you there!

Posted by Stuart Murray on 2010-03-31

Tonight: The Southsider

Tonight (wednesday) we'll be heading to the southsider at 8:30pm. Hope to see you there.

Posted by Adam Watson on 2010-03-24

The website returns!

After a long absence due to a server move, the database is back and running. Look out for news about forthcoming flying and events soon.

Posted by Stuart Murray on 2010-03-16

This Evening - The Holyrood

There will be no talk tonight, but why not come along instead to the Holyrood pub, where there will be plenty of gliding chat.

Posted by Stuart Murray on 2010-02-03

This Wednesday: Circuit Planning

Come along to LT183 in the Old College at 8pm to learn the basics of the mysterious art that is circuit planning. We'll talk you through the main principles, along with a couple of examples and plenty of time for questions.
If you're not in the mood for a talk, then find us in the Brass Monkey from 9pm onwards for a chat and a pint.

Posted by Adam Watson on 2010-01-19

Pub tonight: Library bar

Tonight we are going to the Library bar at 8pm for drinks. Everyone is welcome.

Posted by Ewan McNeil on 2009-12-02

Tonight: Southsider

Talks are now finished until after the Christmas holiday, but this evening we will still be meeting in The Southsider, located on West Richmond St. in the Old Town. Flying however continues --- weather permitting of course!

Posted by Stuart Murray on 2009-11-25

This Wednesday: Aerobatics

Tonight Kate Byrne will be talking about aerobatic gliding, so if you've ever watched Battle of Britain and thought all that looping and inverted flying looked like fun, this is the talk to attend! As usual we'll be holding it in the Balcony Room in Teviot from 8pm, followed by drinks in the bar.

Posted by Stuart Murray on 2009-11-18

New club record?

Andrei has just resoloed at Portmoak, bringing the number of EUGC solos in the past 12 months to six!

Posted by Bruce Duncan on 2009-11-08

This Wednesday: Launching and Landing

This wednesday's talk will be covering the beginning and end of every great flight - launching and landing. We'll cover all the main points, including a little of aerotow launching. Why not stick around for a drink and a chat afterwards whilst we plan the weekend's flying. As always we're meeting at 8pm in the Teviot balcony room.

Posted by Adam Watson on 2009-10-27

A star is born

A new vulture has been inducted into the illustrious squadron. Stuart completed his first solo flight in GBB on Saturday followed by a satisfactory landing, earning the requirements of his "A" badge and starting well on his way to a lifetime of gliding bliss.

Posted by Bruce Duncan on 2009-10-19

This Wednesday: Weather

Our talk topic this week will be covering the most important factor to aspiring and experienced pilots alike: the weather! Come along this Wednesday, 14th October, to the Teviot Balcony Room at 8PM where we'll teach you where to find weather information, how to out-forecast the BBC, read synoptic charts, and what it really means in terms of flying.

Posted by Mike Juang on 2009-10-13

Adam has just gone solo!

Adam has just completed his first flight and satisfactory landing without the aid of an instructor. He must have enjoyed himself, he's going again!

Posted by Bruce Duncan on 2009-10-10

Wednesday's Talk

This Wednesday's talk will be on Principles of Flight, given by Martin. Come along to the Teviot Balcony Room at 8pm to find out how a simple wing lets us soar to great heights and fly for hundreds of miles.
Stick around afterwards for drinks, chat and organising the weekend's flying.
Hope to see lots of you there!

Posted by Adam Watson on 2009-10-05

Welcome Talk

Tonight we'll be having a welcome talk in the Teviot Balcony Room at 8pm. EUGC members will be on hand to answer any questions you may have!

Posted by Sean Bedford on 2009-09-30

Mailing list issues

Hello! If you put your name down to be added to the mailing list, but haven't received a welcome email from us then your email either hasn't worked, or we couldn't read it, so go to the contact page and add yourself!

If that doesn't work, email us at and we'll add you.

Posted by Sarah Smith on 2009-09-23

Wednesday Meet: Teviot Balcony Room

Welcome again to the Gliding Club! We will be having a pub meet today at the Teviot Balcony Room at 8PM, be sure to come and see what Gliding is all about.

Additional information can be found at the links to your left. The first Gliding talk will be held next Wednesday on the 30th September, same time and place...stay tuned for more information!

Posted by Mike Juang on 2009-09-23

Final glide for Skelling

Fresher's Week!

It's fresher's week again, which means one thing - lots of flying! If you're interested taking a trial flight then this is your chance (you don't even have to be a fresher).
Meet at the reception of Pollock Halls at 9am or 1pm every day in fresher's week.
Also, if you want to find out more about gliding or have a chat to our members (at your own risk) then come along to our pub crawl on Wednesday. We're setting off from the Southsider at 8pm.

Posted by Adam Watson on 2009-09-12

General Update

OK, we haven't been very good about keeping the news page up to date recently so here's a quick round up of what's going on.

Firstly, we're meeting tonight at the John Leslie from around 9ish.

Flying is still happening: the recent trips to Skelling were very successful - photos here - and Saturday saw some XCs from the 'moak. Also (belated) congratulations to Ewan on going solo!

Next week is Inter-University Task Week. So far the following people have said they are coming: Andy, Martin, Gareth, Bruce, Amy, Ewan, Steve, Adam and Toni. If anybody else wants to come - and you certainly should do - then please let me know.

See you in the pub.

Posted by Gareth Francis on 2009-07-29

Pub Tonight

Pear tree tonight seeing as the weather is nice. 8pm

Posted by Amy Barsby on 2009-06-24

Pub Tonight: Bennets Bar

Hello, Bernie has chosen tonights venue and suggested meeting earlier to maximise drinking time, so we'll see you all at 8pm in Bennets bar, Leven street.

Posted by Sarah Smith on 2009-05-06


Although we all have exams at the minute the weather is starting to improve and become more summer like so now is the time to fly! The weather for this Saturday looks nice so if you would like to fly add yourself to the flying list and we will let you know what the plan is for the weekend.

Posted by Steven Wrigley on 2009-05-01

This Wednesday: Ceilidh Tickets & Cumberland

This Wednesday we'll be meeting at the Cumberland Bar by around 9 for drinks and the usual Gliding banter. Additionally, those of you who still need to purchase tickets to the Hi-Flyer's Ceilidh can do so at this time…they're only £5 per person, and of course all are welcome! Hope to see you all there!

Posted by Mike Juang on 2009-03-17

Hi-Flyers Ceilidh Tickets Now On Sale!

On the 22nd March at 7.30PM, Gliding will be joining forces with the University Skydiving and Ballooning clubs to host the 2009 Hi-Flyers Ceilidh! Tickets are on sale now running at 5GBP apiece; contact the committee to buy. Bring friends, family, club members, and partners, all are welcome. The loft bar will be open to serve drinks, and ceilidh music will be provided by Folk-It, a local ceilidh band.

Posted by Mike Juang on 2009-03-12

This Wednesday: Competitions Pt. II & The Brass Monkey (UPDATED)

Apologies to those of you who have received my latest e-mail regarding Wednesday's talk, but the topic this week will in fact be Competitions and Navigations given by Andy. An especially useful talk to those of you planning to fly in competitions later this summer, the talk will begin as usual at Old College, Lecture Theatre 183 on Wednesday, 18th February at 8PM. We’ll be relaxing at the Brass Monkey afterwards for discussions over drinks.

Posted by Mike Juang on 2009-02-16

This Wednesday: Cross-Country Flying and the Brass Monkey

Flying over Portmoak's fun enough, but what about soaring the open air beyond the Loch? Learn how to fly cross-country this Wednesday, February 11th at 8PM with Martin Ling. The talk will be held at Lecture Theatre 183, Old College, and afterwards we'll be going to the Brass Monkey for a drink.

IF you've yet to get up in the air, don't worry, we're doing our best to get you flying. As Matt Allen's mentioned earlier, you can increase your chances by coming to our Wednesday talks and coming for a round with us in the pub.

Upcoming talk subjects include a talk on landing out by Gareth Francis, a talk on summer trips and competitions by Andrew Bates, and a special guest speaker. Further details will be announced in the following three weeks, so be sure to watch this space!

Posted by Mike Juang on 2009-02-08

This Wednesday: Talk and Pub

Topic to be announced, with more details to come! Watch this spot for more info...

Posted by Mike Juang on 2009-02-02

This Wednesday: Happy Chinese New Year! (Talk Cancelled)

This Wednesdays talk has been cancelled.

But be sure to watch this spot for more info on upcoming talks. Preliminary topics include a guest lecture on Parachutes, information on summer competitions, and trips.

Posted by Mike Juang on 2009-01-25

Talk on Wednesday, 21 Jan: Safety

Ever wondered just what safe flying meant? Come on over at eight tonight for a Safety talk from our longtime pilot and expert, Bruce! We'll be meeting in Lecture Theatre 183, Old College tonight. Afterwards, it'll be off to Steamie for some drinks and even free food!

Hope to see many of you there...and be sure to pay attention to this spot for more information on upcoming events!

Posted by Mike Juang on 2009-01-21

Reunion 2008 Group Photo

EUGC Reunion 2008

Thanks to everyone who came to our reunion event on 22nd November and made it such a special and enjoyable occasion.
Photos from the event are now available, and some further information will be sent out by email soon.

Posted by Martin Ling on 2008-12-10

Wednesday's Talk- 29th Oct

This weeks talk will be on cross country flights and will be given by Gareth. If you want to come, meet us at Old College Lecture Theatre 175 at 8pm, or afterwards at 9pm-ish in the Doctors pub.

Posted by Sarah Smith on 2008-10-27

Tonights talk

Tonights talk will be in the same place as always, Lecture Theatre 175, Old College (the big building opposite Blackwells) at 8pm.
Bruce will tell us all how circuits work and what to do when the unexpected happens!
After that, we'll be heading over to the Doctors pub at about 9pm for drinks, and some semi mindless banter...

Posted by Sarah Smith on 2008-10-22

Weather talk

Tonight's talk will be about understanding the weather. As usual it will be at 8pm in Lecture Theatre 175, Old College, and we'll be heading to Doctor's pub afterwards at about 9pm.

Posted by Matthew Allen on 2008-10-15

Navigation Workshop 2007

Introductory Talk & Pub

We are holding a talk on Wednesday 24th September at 8pm in Lecture Theatre 175, Old College. We'll give you an introduction to the club's activities, and then head to the Doctors pub at 9pm.

Posted by Martin Ling on 2008-09-23

Freshers Week 2008

Come for a flight in a glider! We do trial lessons every day until Sunday. Meet us at 9am or at 12 noon in front of the McEwan Hall (Bristo Square). Cost: £35, including membership. (Extra flights will cost you only about £10)

Posted by Sean Bedford on 2008-09-12

Inter-scrub strikes again

Amy and I spent a very enjoyable weekend in Feshiebridge with the Portmoak Inter-Club team and the usual suspects from around Scotland. It was spectacularly won by the boys from Highland GC. Low cloud and clag threatened to put a stopper on our cross-country attempts, but Saturday cleared up enough by about 3pm to allow some impressive runs along the Spey valley to Easterton. I managed a whole 10km in Snoopy to take second place with 76 points (the day was devalued to 400). More details and links as I get time...

Unfortunately Sunday was less forgiving. After setting a racing task, falling back to a short assigned area and sending up a couple of sniffers, the day was scrubbed and we all packed up.

Posted by Bruce Duncan on 2008-07-28


I've not heard any news from the Inter-Unis, except that Sean has gone solo. Well done! Myself and Amy are heading up to Feshiebridge this weekend with Snoopy to fly novice class at the Inter-Club League. The weather forecasts are pessimistic but changeable. More news as I hear/create it.

Posted by Bruce Duncan on 2008-07-25

Changing of the Teddy

New Committee

EUGC is under new management!

Posted by David Reitter on 2008-04-28

Highflyer's Ceilidh 2006

High Flyers Ceilidh

The annual High Flyers Ceilidh, organised by the Skydiving, Hot Air Ballooning and Gliding clubs is taking place on Wednesday 20th February, at Teviot at 7.30pm.

Tickets are £5 each, and can be obtained by contacting the club here.

Posted by Sean Bedford on 2008-02-14

The fleet in the Snow

Happy Holidays!

The days are getting shorter, but of course we're always watching the weather. If you haven't done so, join the Mailing List if you'd like to get informed about trips.

Posted by David Reitter on 2007-12-13

Stalling and Spining

This Wednesday at 8pm in LT 175 Old College, Kate will be talking about Stalling and Spinning.

Afterwards we will be going to a new pub called Under the Stairs, sort of on/under George IV bridge (here is the post code if you want to google map it EH1 2QD)

See you there!

Posted by Sarah Smith on 2007-10-05

Navigation Workshop 2007

Wednesday Talks: Learning to Glide

Our talk series has begun, and everyone's invited - including people who aren't a member yet, but would like to learn to fly.

The next talk is by Gareth Francis, our resident meteorologist. He will give an introduction to weather forecasting.

Talks are held on Wednesdays at 2000h, LT 175, Old College, South Bridge (corner Chamber Street).

The complete programme of talks in this semester is available.

Posted by David Reitter on 2007-10-02

Spinning 5GC

Talk Series: Principles of Flight

Tonight's talk will explain what keeps us in the air. If you believe its primarily air over the wing flowing faster than that under the wing, you're in for a surprise.

The talk is in LT 175, Old College (South Bridge corner Chamber Street).

And to make sure it won't get to technical, we'll reinforce the learning with a nice pint at Doctor's.

Posted by David Reitter on 2007-09-26

Navigation Workshop 2007

Talk: Learning to Soar

On Wednesday evening, we're giving a presentation introducing the sport of gliding to newcomers. You'll get to see plenty pictures, some video clips and a good overview of what gliding and our club are like. Afterwards, we'll be at Doctor's Pub as usual!

Date&Time: Wednesday 19 September, 20.00h
Place: Old College, Lecture Theatre 175
(Old College is on South Bridge, corner Chambers Street. Enter the courtyard. LT175 is on your right hand side, just up the stairs.)

PS.: This is a repeat of the talk we gave during Fresher's Week!

Posted by David Reitter on 2007-09-19

K13 evening trial flight

Fresher's Week Trial Lessons

Come for a flight in a glider! We do trial lessons every day until Sunday. Meet us at 9am or at 12 noon in front of the McEwan Hall (Bristo Square). Cost: �35, including membership. (Extra flights will cost you only about �10.)

Posted by David Reitter on 2007-09-14

Hannah Ibison

Glider at the Fresher's Fair

If you'd like to see one of our beautiful gliders, come over to the Fresher's Fair at the Pleasance (CSE - gym). And of course you can go and fly with us as well - meet at 9 or 12 at McEwan's Hall.

Posted by David Reitter on 2007-09-12

Dee and Mark

Three-Legged Pub Crawl

Our famous Three-Legged Pub Crawl is on tonight. Meet at 9pm at The Pear Tree (West Nicholson St, right East of Appleton Tower). Tape provided - join us for lots of fun!

Posted by David Reitter on 2007-09-11

Fresher's Week

YOU can fly one of our aircraft together with a top-notch instructor this week. Just show up at 9am or 12pm at McEwan's Hall (Bristo Square). See Trial Lessons.

Posted by David Reitter on 2007-09-10

K21 in a sky full of wave

Spectacular Day!

It was a spectacular wave day in Scotland. In case you couldn't go to the airfield (like me), you missed out big-time. Andrew "The Rat" Bates did a out-and-return to Deeside (230k), Wriglet managed to get to 9,000 feet (and forgot the logger) and Martin Ling is now signed off to instruct budding pilots.

Successful day!

Posted by David Reitter on 2007-08-30

Tibenham in August

An early, foggy end to our Junior Nationals Entry

Cloud base at 400 feet, solid cover and torrential rain flooding my tent: Tibenham and all of East Anglia has seen better days weather-wise. Because the outlook was appalling and even the famous Weather-Jack didn't have much hope (except perhaps for one marginal day over the weekend), we decided to cut our losses and came back early, to be greeted with sunshine in Scotland. The story of the tyre that disintegrated and the lost trailer door (bad door, no donut for you!) will be told another time!

Posted by David Reitter on 2007-08-23

EUGC scores 2nd in InterUnis

Congratulations to all who competed in this year's Inter-Uni Task Week at Aston Down.
Some good cross-country flights during a weather-wise excellent week and Steven Wrigley's first solo contributed to the runner-up position. With ~7,000 points, EUGC came a close second after Bath (9,000) and before Manchester (4,000).

Posted by David Reitter on 2007-08-13

Task Week Weather

Edinburgh competing...

EUGC pilots will be taking part in two gliding competitions this summer: The Inter-Uni Task Week in waterlogged Gloucestershire (Aston Down Airfield) and then in the Junior Nationals at Tibenham, Norfolk.

Of course we'll keep our members and fans informed about the progress.

Posted by David Reitter on 2007-07-24

Pub meet: The Villager

The next pub meeting will be at The Villager on George IV bridge on Wednesday at 9pm. See you all there!

Posted by David Reitter on 2007-07-17

Pub meet: Revolution Bar

Tonight's pub meet is at the Revolution Bar on Chambers Street (where Beluga used to be).

See you all there at 2130h!

Posted by David Reitter on 2007-07-11

About to smoke the launch point

Norwegian Skies: long flights on long days

Daylight all night long � not a surprise in Scandinavia. But 35 degrees Celsius in the shade, and a mosquito plague? Edinburgh University Gliding Club was in luck when we set off for a great weekend at Notodden Airfield in Norway.

Back in March, on a cold wintry and windy day in Portmoak some of us met Bjornar and Vidar, pilots visiting from the Sandefjord Seilflyklubb.

To our delight, a couple of months later we were able to take up their invitation to fly in the country of fjords.

A direct flight from Glasgow Prestwick took us to Oslo Torp. We then drove for two hours in hire cars to the airfield in Notodden. The journey took us through some amazing scenery, filled with lakes and mountains.

The Seilflyklubb runs two two-seaters (a Blanik and a shiny ASK-21). Unfortunately, because of the requirement for foreign pilots to have a JAR/ICAO 2 medical to fly solo in Norway, we were not allowed to fly any of the clubs very nice single seat gliders (among them an LS4, an LS8 and a DG300).

Owed partly to the knowledge of the pilot in the back seat, most of the group achieved a cross country flight. Aerobatics was enjoyed by mostly everyone.Especially Mark who emptied the contents of his digestive system over the front of the cockpit whilst thermalling. WELL DONE!!

Bj�rnar Ryeng, an aerobatics enthusiast, and Vidar Ingebretsen, a Norwegian champion, seemed to be quite keen on inverted flight, which was a novel experience for many of our club members. Many chandelles and stall turns later, we lit the grill, enjoyed plenty of meat and our imported bottle of single malt, a rarity in the supposedly �dry� Norway.

On Sunday, several people managed to get away on cross country flights and explore the local peaks and lakes. Cloud base was reported to be at 3200m, which is probably about as high as it gets. The airfield has a comfortable concrete runway, shared with general aviation and a few commercial aircraft. Radio procedures were simple, yet impenetrable for non-Norwegian speakers.

However, flying in Norway is not cheap � the bill was about GBP 70 per flight.

Sandefjord Seilflyklubb has a number of cabins with a few spare bunks for visitors and there is a large camping ground (with cabins) adjacent to the airfield. Pitching tents on the airfield worked just fine, except for the scorching sun rays beaming down on the tents from 3.30am.

An excellent time was had by all.

Posted by Steven Wrigley on 2007-07-02

Pete watching balloons at Hus Bos airfield, early morning

Alain Chainey Award for Peter Williams

Peter Williams, longest-standing member of Edinburgh University Gliding Club, receives the 2007 Alain Chainey award for outstanding contributions to university sports in recognition of his service to the club spanning several decades.

Next year, the Gliding Club is celebrating its 50th anniversary. For more most of this time, Mr Pete Williams has been member, supporter, valedictorian, instructor, maintenance expert, fundraiser, string-puller and honorary president of the club.

It was the mid 1960's when Pete came up from London to work as deputy director and later director of the department that is now called Computing Services. Their offices were located in KB and behind Buccleuch Place, where there is now nothing but sheds and a Beetle garage, where Edinburgh's very first computer was housed. EUGC members still joke about whether the first computer really predated Pete, or the other way round.

In the early years 1970, Pete took a hiking trip up to the Cairngorms, where he stayed at a youth hostel in Kingussie. Another chap staying there was Ken Stewart. Ken was the national coach of the British Gliding Association, and he invited Pete to come along for his first glider flight. Much better than hillwalking, said Ken, and Pete agreed. Pete learned to glide at Feshiebridge, the same Highland gliding site that the Gliding Club goes to every now and then.

Pete soon became a gliding instructor. Instructors are accomplished pilots with many hundreds of hours of flying experience. For about two decades, Pete passed on his skills and taught club new students to fly. In the genealogy of the club, Pete is basically the great-grandfather of the current generation - it goes like this: Pete taught JP. JP eventually became an instructor an taught Andy, and for a couple of years now, Andy has been teaching the current members. So, in flying terms, there's a little bit of Pete in every one of us.
Among Pete's other students was Kate Byrne. Having met in 1979 in the Gliding Club, they eventually got married. After a hiatus of a few years in the 80's, both came back to the club and now, Kate instructs for the club just like Pete used to.

Pete has always been a practical person. Most people outside the world of aviation would never think of taking an aircraft apart or inspecting its mechanics. Pete loves aircraft and has been at the centre of our glider maintenance for decades now. He a sought-after source of knowledge at the 300-odd member club at Portmoak and at the university's Gliding Club.

It takes a lot to keep an aircraft flying over the course of 30 years. Gliders are elegant machines, they're rugged and can take hard landings. When they fall out of the sky and recover, they take enormous G-forces in various directions. But gliders are also delicate: handle it in the wrong places when you push one across the airfield, and you'll damage it. Once a year, gliders are thoroughly inspected for wear. Small punctures in the wings and fuselage need to be fixed, various hinges greased and instruments calibrated. It's a science, and know-how is key. We trust our lives in the technical expertise, and in this case, in Pete's expertise. And in a way, every time we fly our aircraft, there's a little bit of Pete keeping us in the air.

It is about three years ago when what was then our main training aircraft showed deterioration in the wooden structure that forms the wings. We had to take it out of service. Former university offices behind Buccleuch place, now turned into a shed, became the operating theatre for the glider's wings. In what we think was about 140 hours of work, Pete and some other club members took the wings apart and refurbished them. The big yellow glider flew again and has been used to train many new pilots since. Pete's friendship and long-standing support of his club are invaluable to the other members. The concrete help we have been getting in keeping the aircraft flying is worth gold to us: we could simply not afford to keep the aircraft if it wasn't for Pete.

University clubs are always in flux. Members come and go. Some of our oldest members have managed to fly with the club since their undergrad years and now drag on their PhD's, but their service pales compared to the time Pete has been with the club. When membership figures went down in the late nineties, Pete and Kate stuck around and kept the club alive. Members like Pete and Kate are those that you would wish every club.

When Summer comes around, Pete and Kate can be seen at the national competition for pilots in university gliding clubs, the Inter-Uni Task Week. And of course their car happily tows one of the several gliders we take to the "comp", all the way around the country. When a pilot has to put down the glider in some farmer's field, an hour later he can be sure that his crew will turn up to pick him up. Invariably, that was Pete at so many occasions. They'd take off the wings and carefully stow them in a trailer. As it happens, one of our trailers was designed and built by Pete.

Gliding seems to be a sport that is divided between retired people, who have time and money, and students, who've got the time because they don't have a family yet. Usually, the people from each group stick to themselves. And where is Pete? He's always hanging out with students. Of course we're not surprised about that. But we're grateful that we have him.

The Alain Chainey award is aimed at those people external to the University and its Sports Clubs, who selflessly give up their time to help the Clubs within the Sports Union, Clubs which without their contributions would not be able to function in the way that they do. The Award is given in honour of Mr. Alan Chainey, who, whilst a member of the University infrastructure has always been happy to give up his time and work outside his remit, assisting individual Clubs, primarily the Men's Football and Golf Clubs, in numerous ways and with no extra reward for over 30 years.

I, supported by the current committee and certainly by dozens of active and former members of Edinburgh University Gliding Club, would like to congratulate our member, mentor and friend Peter Williams for the 2007 Alain Chainey Award.

David Reitter, President of Edinburgh University Gliding Club 2007-2008
Edinburgh, 31/05/2007

Posted by David Reitter on 2007-05-31

Wednesday pub: 9pm Cloisters

For this week's pub jour fixe, let's meet
at Cloisters from 9pm (26 Brougham St, Melville Drive, Tollcross end).

Posted by David Reitter on 2007-05-29

Pub tonight (Wed 23/5): Brass Monkey

Please note that we're meeting at the Brass Monkey (14 Drummond St) tonight from 9pm onwards.

Posted by David Reitter on 2007-05-23

Gliding in Norway

We're going to Norway for a long weekend of gliding at the Sandefjord Seilflyklubb, June 8-11. We'll fly commercially to Oslo and then take rental cars to the Sandefjord.

Posted by David Reitter on 2007-05-21

Wave bar over Perth

Easter Weekend

If you've been anywhere else but in the air over the long Easter weekend, you have seriously missed out. Sunshine, pleasant temperatures and a friendly westerly breeze allowed us to soar Bishop Hill on Friday on Saturday, with various flights in EUGC's two-seater "Gobble" (GBB) and "Snoopy" (DSF), and also the yellow syndicate Pirat "Pig". Sunday brought in strong Westerly winds and a good, easy-to-reach Wave right over Portmoak, with EUGC pilots being elevatored up to 10,000 feet (and quickly down again on the other side of the wave bars!). Andy did some 100 k in his Pig, I got my Silver Height in Snoopy.

If you're now confused about all this gliding talk about pigs on the airfield, we did some wordly things, too: we gate-crashed Nottingham's Quarters, broke into our car (keys in the boot!) and had a meat-laden barbecue in the cold cold night. It's all good!

Looking forward to a splendid season 2007.

Posted by David Reitter on 2007-04-10

FVU on a winch launch

March deal: cheap winch launches for frequent fliers

EUGC members can fly for even less money in the month of March, thanks to the new special deal of the month.

We're reducing the price of winch launches by 50 percent, starting from your fifth fully paid winch launch in the month of March.
That is, if you as a student member train for your next gliding rating and take more than four winch launches in March, you'll only pay �3.50 for each launch from the fifth one on.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Posted by David Reitter on 2007-03-04

Sunset over Feshie

Feshiebridge Trip

On the 27/01/07 Edinburgh University gliding club went on a trip to Feshiebridge. The day started early, very early in fact, leaving at about 5 in the morning to drive to The Cairngorm Gliding club in the highlands. On arrival we discovered there was no tug pilot, which is required to get off the ground and go flying. So we waited and eventually at 14:00 in the afternoon the tug pilot finally turned up. We were going flying!! Everyone got the fly in the end with some amazing views of snowy mountains thousands of feet below.

Photos available here.

The next day everyone got up to disappointing weather conditions. As the day went on the weather improved but with no tug pilot we resorted to looking at the Cairngorm gliding clubs very scary looking winch. This consisted of a large part of an old lorry, which had been adapted for use as a winch. Maybe luckily for us the winch refused to run so alternate plans were made for the day. We decided to pass the rest of the day by sampling the delights of Aviemore. We ended up going climbing which everyone seemed to enjoy.

Overall a good weekend was had by all and hopefully we will be back at Feshiebridge in the near future. If you would like to find out about future trips with the gliding club or would like to come along for a trial flight, we meet for drinks in Doctors every Wednesday at 9:00 pm or just email me at

Posted by Steven Wrigley on 2007-02-15

highflyer's ceilidh

Picture Gallery - Highflyer's Ceilidh

Some one hundred pictures taken at the Highflyer's Ceilidh are online. (And yes, it was really very very red at the Teviot.)

Posted by David Reitter on 2006-11-18

Basket at 2005 Ceilidh

Highflyer's Ceilidh

This year's Highflyer's Ceilidh is taking place this wednesday (15th November) in Teviot at 7.30pm.
Tickets are �5 (�6 on the door) and are avaliable from committe members.

Hope to see you there!

Posted by Mark Vettasseri on 2006-11-12

Pre-flight Breakfast at Feshie

Feshiebridge trip

We're going to Feshie! Get in touch if you want to come with us for a weekend of fun flying and bar games. Some photos!

Posted by Bruce Duncan on 2006-11-02


Talk: Aerobatics

We have another talk this week on the subject of Aerobatics given by Kate. It will be held in the Teviot New Meeting Room at 8pm and we'll be in the Doctors pub soon after 9pm.

Posted by Bruce Duncan on 2006-10-31

Piglet in a Field after going XC from Bowland Forest

Talk: Cross-Country

This week the talk will be a brief introduction to cross-country flying given by Amy and myself. It will be in Teviot's Middle Reading Room at 8pm. We'll be at the pub afterwards, soon after 9pm.

Posted by Bruce Duncan on 2006-10-18

Amy winch launching

Talks: Launching and Landing / Citigroup @ Informatics

Tomorrow night we have a talk on the principles involved with launching and landing a glider. It will be held in the Teviot Mezzanine at 8pm.

Citigroup also have a technology presentation tonight aimed at undergraduates looking to start an interesting career. The presentation is at 5pm, being held at the School of Informatics, Conference Suite, 4 Buccleuch Place.

Posted by Bruce Duncan on 2006-10-10

Sponsorship: Citigroup

We are proud to announce that we have accepted an offer of sponsorship from Citigroup. In return for this sponsorship, we are invited to their corporate presentations. The first event is on Wednesday and they have asked us to provide this information:

Citigroup Corporate and Investment Banking invites you to attend our Corporate Presentation. The presentation will be followed by drinks and a canap� reception.

Date: 11th October 2006
Venue: National Galleries of Scotland - The Hawthornden Lecture Theatre
Time: 18.30
Who: Candidates from any degree discipline

Come along to meet us and speak to our wide range of business representatives. We look forward to meeting you!

Posted by Bruce Duncan on 2006-10-09

Snow on the mountains

Aboyne trip

We're going to Aboyne!

Aboyne is a friendly club situated on the edge of the Grampian mountains, about 30 miles west of Aberdeen and well serviced by bus (for anyone who wants to come for one day). It is likely to wave in any wind direction except easterly. Most people will be in tents but there are bunk rooms available.

Let me know by email or at the talk on Wednesday if you want to go...

Posted by Bruce Duncan on 2006-09-29

Talk: Principles of Flight

We'll have a talk tonight (Wednesday) with an introduction to the Gliding club, followed by a lecture explaining why things can fly in the first place ("Principles of Flight").

Come along - it's your chance to learn to fly!

Meeting point is the Teviot (Mezzanine level - Bar), at 8pm.

Posted by David Reitter on 2006-09-27

Fresher's Week - a nice success for the club

Fresher's Week is over. Despite adverse conditions on quite a few of the days, we did a good job in introducing many new people to the wonders of flight. We've flown 37 keen new Edinburgh University students, many of whom should already be hooked.

So, welcome new members! And a big thank you to everyone in the team who has made this possible.

Posted by David Reitter on 2006-09-18

Andy and Sarah

Two seaters at Pocklington

A contingent from EUGC took the K7 and K13 to the Two Seater Comp at Pocklington. We didn't exactly win, but we had fun and set a few new personal bests. Results and Pictures.

Posted by Gareth Francis on 2006-08-28

Edinburgh Team wins Gliding Challenge

University of Edinburgh's Gliding Team were the fastest in the air at this year's Inter-University Task Week, where eight UK teams competed for the trophy at Pocklington Airfield near York. Despite the difficult weather conditions, Edinburgh scored 3684 points for speed and distance, University of Bath came second with 1746 points. Edinburgh's Andrew Bates scored the maximum 666 points on day 5 with a flight in a yellow "Pirat" that led him to several turnpoints in the greater York area.

University of Nottingham won the "Progression" category with 1725 points. This category rewards pilots who fly unfamiliar aircraft or acquire other additional ratings during the week (Edinburgh and University of the West of England both came in second, with 450 points each).

Glider pilots regularly compete on national and international levels, reaching predefined landmarks. A typical course can cover 300km. Gliders are fixed-wing aircraft, usually carrying one or two pilots, without an engine. In the right weather conditions, they can climb high and reach destinations many hundred kilometres away.
Scores About Edinburgh University Gliding Club

Posted by David Reitter on 2006-08-15

IUTW 2006 Underway!

We are all at Pocklington, for the Inter University Task Week 2006. Check out the scoring page to see how we're doing. We've been taking plenty of pictures for you.

Posted by Martin Ling on 2006-08-08

David after first solo

David's world annexes the sky

David was taken by surprise when he looked round to discover that his instructor had in fact vacated the back seat... Read it from the source...

Posted by Bruce Duncan on 2006-06-24

At cloudbase


Exams are a pain, we know. However you have probably noticed that the weather is improving, so now is the time to squeeze in a flight or two between exams. If you want to fly again or you're thinking about taking your first flight in a glider, give us a call to arrange the big day. We're still going to the pub on Wednesday nights, but it's worth giving someone a phone in case we've gone to a different pub!

We will be flying all summer and everyone is welcome to come along on the expeditions.

In actual news, I am thoroughly impressed with the thermals that have started popping up all over Scotland. They are atypical of the Scottish rough-as-hell thermal and are close enough together to fly reasonable distances even if you (or the glider, though that's never stopped us before) are crap.

Martin succeded in flying 60km to Aberfoyle for his Silver Distance and in finding the best retrieve family ever (they fed us!). Piglet has flown a few medium-sized tasks and the new cockpit navigation system (read: PDA) seems to do the job nicely. I took a short flight around Portmoak before realising how good it was, then deciding it would be a bad idea to go cross-country without a map. The instructional flying has also been amazing, we flew at least six student pilots last weekend and it's good to see the commitment of everyone involved. Andy's car passed another MOT (somehow) so we might actually be able to transport all the gliders to the summer competitions. The entries for task week are coming in now, but we will always be looking for more, so if you know any glider pilots at other universities then prod them to enter. We promise it will be fun!

Posted by Bruce Duncan on 2006-04-29

Annual General Meeting

This year the EUGC AGM will be held on Thursday the 6th of April. Come along for a dinner and your chance to stand or vote for next year's committee.

Posted by Bruce Duncan on 2006-03-13

Grid at SB

Inter-uni Task Week 2006

We can now confirm that this year's Inter University Task Week will take place at Pockington from 5th–13th August. More information will appear on the Inter-unis page as and when it becomes available.

Posted by Gareth Francis on 2006-01-19

Xmas Party

Christmas Party

I can't be bothered writing something trite about the Christmas party so if you missed it you'll just have to use your imagination and make sure you're at the next one. You probably won't have long to wait.

Posted by Gareth Francis on 2005-12-12


Adventures in Yorkshire

Last weekend an elite volunteer force was dispatched on a top secret mission to darkest Yorkshire. Unfortunately we can't yet tell you what they were up to, but here are some photos of them being distracted by flying and pretty lights...

Posted by Gareth Francis on 2005-12-04

Basket at 2005 Ceilidh

High Flyers Ceilidh A Success

Our annual ceilidh in cahoots with the Skidiving and Hot Air Ballooning clubs was another great evening. The band, "Thunderdog", did a fantastic job of keeping us on our toes and calling dances that kept people engaged all night. The many raffle draws produced only one gliding club winner (rumour has it that Claire is very happy with "The Beast Must Die" on DVD) and the bottle of whiskey (won by rolling a pound coin nearest to it from ~10m) went to a skydiver. We apologise to those who were unable to get tickets and thanks to everyone who organised a great night and we look forward to next year!

Posted by Bruce Duncan on 2005-11-16

K13 on aerotow at Feshie

Feshie Trip - the weekend of missing tools.

A large party headed north to Feshiebridge in the Cairngorms last weekend, with the Ratmobile leaving about 5 hours later than everyone else, but managing to arrive seconds after - this may have had something to do with them not having to de-rig the K13 in the rain and spend a long time looking for the tools which turned up in the K7 after it had supposedly been searched!

Despite the weather nearly everyone got to fly, although not soarable much fun was had by all, ("Waltzing Waters" really is a once in a lifetime experience - once done you don't want to go through it again!) and after people had been check flighted - the aim was to rig Snoopy. However the tool kit and pins were "missing" - presumed left at Portmoak. Poor Snoopy spent the whole weekend in the trailer. Then while we were packing up to go the tools were discovered to have been in the trailer all along!

The evenings consited of many games of "Spoof", pickled onion eating and drinking a whole keg of beer - which has to be a club record. However the traditional sacrifices to the weather gods was not sufficient to stop the rain and low cloud - but I suspect that we'll be going back soon - maybe we'll remember to pack the tool kits next time!

Posted by Amy Barsby on 2005-10-24

Flying in GCA over Loch Kinord

UK Mountain Soaring Competition 2005

A few of us headed north to Aboyne to enjoy the atmosphere at the UKMSC. Our lone competitor came 18th overall and flew 200km in four and a half hours!

Posted by Bruce Duncan on 2005-09-20

Freshers' Week 2005

Freshers' week is over and we are all completely knackered. Thanks to the 40 people who came along to experience the joys of unpowered flight. We're still doing trial flights every weekend and if you've already flown with us, come back soon. Good night!

Posted by Andrew Bates on 2005-09-18

Cross-Country Extravaganza

In a remarkable turn-up, the forecasts for the whole of the week 14th-20th August were spectacular: the weather was much better than predicted. Andy and I went to Sutton Bank to visit piglet and hopefully do some flying.

It just so happened that the week coincided with YGC's task week so we decided to casually join in and try to fly their tasks. Andy pulled off a stunning 165km flight in their K8, DKC, which we later learned actually had no trailer! That flight helped him to 5th place overall in the task week.

This is a week we suspect will not be repeated soon and will not be soon forgotten...

(Despite the good soaring conditions, visibility was poor on most days, so fewer photos than usual will be appearing)

Posted by Bruce Duncan on 2005-08-18

Inter-University Task Week

Congratulations to everyone who competed in IUTW 2005! The week was a great success with Edinburgh taking the top spot in both cross-country and personal achievement categories. Well done to Ben for going solo, Martin for his Silver Distance and to everyone who pulled off fantastic cross-countries on days we didn't think would work!

As the winners, we hope to be hosting next years competition. Stay tuned for more news!

Posted by Bruce Duncan on 2005-07-17

Congratulations to Evan on going solo and to Amy for finally getting her CCE finished off. Photos.

Posted by Gareth Francis on 2004-04-29

Easter Week

Well, another Easter Week come and gone. Sorry about luring you all up to
Scotland with tales of wave and then making you sit on a rainy airfield
for a week.

For the benefit of those who weren't there, the week started
promisingly with a couple of days of westerlies and even the odd
thermal I'm told (sadly I blinked and missed it). Then the wind went
easterly and the fog rolled in–just in time for the barbeque. The following day some boring types went to the cinema and the rest of us went on a hunt for the now absent sun. We did see quite a lot of Scotland and even pushed some people up a small hill (very slowly), but apart from a brief glimpse at Bridge of Allen the sun had gone into

The following morning we woke up to find that not only was the wind
resolutely easterly, it was still foggy and now raining as well. So we
sent everyone cross-country (on the ground). Amazingly (to the
organisers anyway) only two of the possible tasks remained unattempted.
Hopefully someone will upload some photos soon.

The following morning it was still raining, foggy and easterly. Most
people decided to cut their losses and went home. Highlights
(lowlights?) included trailer repairing in the rain (always good for a
laugh) and watching some Cambridge types rig and derig a K21 for no
discernable reason. I am informed that on Saturday the wind finally
went round to the south and the fog and drizzle gave way to heavy

See you all for more of the same at task week.

Posted by Gareth Francis on 2004-04-09


Well, last night was the AGM. Holding it this term rather than
next appears to have been a good move as attendance was very good.
Thanks to Spikey for playing host, and to everyone who made food–it was
all very good.

Many thanks to the outgoing committee for all the hard work they've
put in this year, and good luck to Bruce, Amy, Neil, Martin, Evan and
Claire. Pete was reappointed as Honourary President and Andy, Hon VP.
Special thanks to both for their continuing hard work on behalf of the

Now all we need is some decent weather...

Posted by Gareth Francis on 2004-03-04

How to have fun on a boring day

Last Saturday was quite a boring day, but thanks to Portmoak's cheap aerotow prices, we decided to have an aerotow as high as the tug would go.

It eventaually struggled to 7000ft, where the view of the snow on the highlands was wonderful. A bargin at £16.50 each!

Photos are here.

Posted by Andrew Bates on 2004-01-21

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year! The end of last term was good fun. Thanks to everyone that came to the xmas door! lots of fun was had, although more potatoes were thrown out the window then were eaten.

Unfortuanatly we haven't done much flying so far this term as the weather hasn't been amazing however we hope to do more in the near future!

Posted by Chris Hirst on 2004-01-20

Sutton Bank

Thanks again to Sutton Bank for putting us up and putting up with us for another weekend of fun, flying and food. Thanks also to Pete and Kate for taking the K13 on another tour of the country, even if it didn't exactly work out as planned.

Congratulations to Amy and Martin (again) on first solo aerotows and to Andy on his acute hearing and even more acute paranoia which saved Snoopy from a potentially messy situation. Those of you who didn't make it, make sure you're on the next trip, sometime next term.

Posted by Gareth Francis on 2003-11-28

Martin rigging the K13


to Martin, for the first first solo of the year. Sadly we don't have a photo of the great event itself so here's one of Martin in his natural habitat:

Posted by Gareth Francis on 2003-11-13

Fresher's Week

Well the beginning of the university year has come and gone and so another freshers' week has passed. This year's has to be classed as a success, if only for the pub crawl on Monday night! The sight of 100+ people tied together in twos and threes marching around Edinburgh trying not to fall over is one that has to be seen to be believed. It was a great night and I think everyone involved enjoyed it!

As for the flying, well we managed to get 40 people into the air over the week with most of them enjoying it (and a couple of them coming down a slightly different colour to when they went up) The committee members, whilst organising everything also managed to get some flying done, which makes the week even more pleasurable. Thanks go to Bruce who shared the driving with me and to all the instructors that flew (especially to Don Johnstone for the loan of the grob!)

The freshers' fair was quite quiet this year, which I think was mainly due to the societies fair being moved to Appleton Tower, but we still got a lot of interest (as well as a few close calls - Gliders and cricket balls don't mix!) and a lot of people came on the last weekend to experience the thrill of gliding.

So far this term we have had a promising number of the freshers come back, eager to learn, as well as a number of people still wanting trail flights.

Thanks to everyone involved in the week, I think it went very well under the circumstances (we can't control the weather!) and I look forward to the club growing over the year.

Posted by Chris Hirst on 2003-09-26

Fly, you fools

Sometimes a synoptic speaks to you (mostly they just laugh); however,
on Monday it was Rat who dragged me into the realms of consciousness to
point out that the 24 hour forecast was actually quite good and that
we should probably think about going to the airfield that evening to
prepare for the awesome wave day that was obviously about to occur.

Midweek adventures of this sort are invariably quite fun (for example,
) and this one was no exception. Monday evening will probably
be remembered for its spaghetti bolognese rather than its flying.
Tuesday, on the other hand, was a great day—just not quite the
one we had predicted.

Waking at seven, I noted the entirely blue sky and complete lack of
wind, then went back to sleep. Two hours later, having had a
leisurely breakfast and watched the pundits launch, with varying
degrees of apprehension, into a still blue sky, our thoughts turned to
rigging. By midday the fleet was airborne and our apathy (or patience
if you want to be charitable) was rewarded as the sky filled with
unseasonably good thermals.

Chris, flying Snoopy, missed out on his silver height by sixty feet.
Andy contemplated emulating Guy's
of the Forth, but thankfully took the K13 to Glen Almond and back instead.
Meanwhile Piglet and I eventually found some wave near Crieff, although
it was neither particularly strong nor particularly high. At Comrie
the clouds refused to suck, so, deciding that looking up at the scenery
was unhealthy, we turned tail and headed home. On the way back I met
some buzzards and practiced my field selection and final glide
calculating skills. While neither very far (90km) or very fast,
definitely the most fun flight this year.

Posted by Gareth Francis on 2003-09-25

Inter-University Task Week

Oxford university organised a top-notch task week from the 26th July to the 1st of August. Claire and her team remembered everything, except the weather. All 3 gliders went cross country whenever feasible. This led to two silver distances by Bruce and Myself, and Andy parking the k-13 in a police dog training field. Gareth and Andy both putting in good flights earlier in the week (without landing out :-(... ). There was also skiing, bowling, sunbathing, thermal scratching, spot landing, Pig wheel-heap challenge, bollocking gathering and other competitions throughout the week. Oxford won the week and we came a close second.

All in all, a good week was had by all. Thanks to Oxford and well done for beating us!

Posted by Neil Hodgins on 2003-09-11