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Edinburgh University Gliding Club

Trial Lessons

A trial flight
Enjoying a trial flight high above Portmoak, Freshers' Week, 2010

Want to experience the thrill of flight? We're more than happy to take you along and get you up in the air, especially on a good flying day! Since we are busy with normal training, courses and the like, it is essential that you contact us in advance. Either come along to our meetings on Wednesday evenings or contact us.

Trial Flights

£85 gets you your first flight and club membership for the rest of the academic year.

Please note that you will not be able to sign up to the flying list until you have been for your trial flight. After this you will be given an account and password, with which you can book your own flying slots.

Flights are in our modern two-seater glider with a qualified instructor and generally last about 20 minutes. If you want, you'll be able to take the controls and fly the aircraft yourself! We'll explain everything you need to know. You might also want to have a look at the introduction and FAQ.

What to bring — what to expect

It's a good idea to bring:

The airfield can be wet and muddy, so please don't wear your best shoes and definitely no heels. A good solid pair of trainers or walking shoes is fine. Skirts aren't advisable, as they are not compatible with the parachute harness.

We usually spend a full day at Portmoak and return in the late afternoon/early evening. If there is time and you want to it may be possible for you to have another flight on the day, although this is not covered in the trial flight cost and will be charged at our usual (but very reasonable) flying rates.

We are only able to offer trial flights to students of the University of Edinburgh, including the Edinburgh College of Art. If you are interested in gliding but are not part of the university we suggest that you contact the Scottish Gliding Centre who offer trial flights to the public.