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In the same way that the ground school supplement your actual flying lessons (the best way to learn), reading can provide useful insight and understanding to various aspects of your flying knowledge. Some topics, such as the weather or glider maintenance, get a much more thorough treatment from books than you get from flying. Of course, you will learn about these eventually, but you will get much more out of your flying if you can back it up with some reading.

To promote the learning process, we are making some of our gliding books available to new members. If you'd like to borrow a book listed here, please contact the owner. If you'd like to offer a book to loan, just edit the page and add it yourself, or contact B.W.Duncan (at)

Streckensegelflug (Cross-Country Soaring)Helmut ReichmannBruceMartin
Meteorology TodayC. Donald AhernsBruce
Gliding SafetyDerek PiggottBruce
Understanding GlidingDerek PiggottBrucemissing presumed lost?
The Complete Soaring GuideAnn WelchBruce
The Story of GlidingAnn WelchBruce
Cloud Reading for PilotsA. C. DouglasBruce
GlidingDerek PiggottAdamStuart
RadiotelephonyTrevor ThomMartin

We also have an collection of recent (past five years or so) issues of Sailplane and Gliding magazine. I've made no attempt to catalogue them, but I believe Martin has the biggest selection.