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view Test flight 2022-03-19 Kuba Frankowski Test flight
view 2019-09-28 Michael Combs 17:36:33
view 2019-09-28 Michael Combs 17:36:30
view Sports Fair 2019 2019-09-11 Andrew Barr Sports Fair 2019 Jason loving the first day of the sports fair this year.
view La Motte, French Alps 2017-07-06 Qin Cao La Motte, French Alps Glacier Blanc at 4000m 21:14:42
view La Motte, French Alps 2017-07-06 Qin Cao La Motte, French Alps Soaring at the roof of Europe in Duo Discus. 20:05:46
view GBB in Wave 1 2017-04-12 James Dutton GBB in Wave 1 Andy Bates and James Dutton mid way on a 300km flight in GBB. GBB Wave 300km
view Wind-farm from Wave 2017-04-12 James Dutton Wind-farm from Wave 10000 feet up looking east towards the sea midway through a 300km flight in Gobble. Wave Wind-farm 300k GBB
view Happy James Dutton Max Sherwood Happy James Dutton Happy James Dutton Face
view Somewhat nice pic of James Max Sherwood Somewhat nice pic of James James Dutton nice picture
view Hirokazu Mori face Hirokazu Mori Hirokazu Mori face
view Michael Combs
view Max the Swan James Dutton Max the Swan Max
view fw2010 Stuart Murray fw2010
view The EUGC timeline Martin Ling The EUGC timeline reunion2008
view red cross Stuart Murray red cross red cross
view CofA CPM Network Gareth Francis CofA CPM Network
view Happy Adam 1! Colin Field Happy Adam 1! GBB, Gobble, Adam Watson, Pocklington, spot the difference
view Bowen Han
view Eddie scary face Max Sherwood Eddie scary face At Giant's Eddie Pennington Face Scary Giant
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